February News

The season is in full swing with lessons on Tuesday mornings, Thursdays at 5:00PM and 7:00PM. The online lesson registration has really given our lesson program a shot in the arm. Mt. Holly is doing an amazing job, Holly has been fully open with conditions considered as Spring Skiing. Best skis for spring conditions are a bit wider, your 85 to 100mm skis offer good support for the soft snow. Don’t let the weather slow you down, get off the couch and join us at Mt. Holly. Remember if Holly is open we are there, skiing, teaching, sitting in the lounge and having a good time.

Club Trophy Race Feb. 20th 

Every year club members race to find out who’s the fastest in each division.  We offer two race courses, one for beginners on Woodward and one on Canyon for everyone else. Divisions are created by grouping riders turning similar times. Of course we have a party to celebrate right after the race offering free beer, wine and soda.

Race Training

In an effort to add to the fun of running gates, Stacy Merrill will be setting the timing equipment up on a regular basis for you to train with. As you exit the finish the display board has your time to view.

How about a little friendly competition

Let’s do some beer runs? I’ll spot any member a 2 second advantage with a .05 sec. per year of age difference deducted. So if you’re 20 years my junior, you only get 1 second, 10 years 1 ½ seconds, for a beer.  In kind if you’re older than me. I’ll give you a 1/2 second per year that you’re my senior. If you’re 4 years older than me, you get a total of 4 seconds advantage. Sorry Stacy, I’ll race you straight up, in fact I think you need to spot me some time😜.

The Nub’s trip 

A full bus, a great meal, lots of new members and familiar faces. The group liked it so much, they all said they wanted another bus trip, so we’ve planned another bus trip to Nubs on March 7th. The trip was announced at the Thursday night meeting at Holly and had 10 sign up immediately. Get a hold of Lindsay if you want on this trip, it’s selling out.

Henry Walder Memorial Race and Ski-A-Thon. 

This event is gaining traction, with teams forming and donations coming in. There are several ways you can support the club’s effort to honor Henry and raise money for the Special Olympics’ winter athletes. You can create a team of family and friends and participate in the Ski-A-Thon. Go to our web page www.SkiMich.com and select Ski-A-Thon. Register/Donate and fill in the information. You can donate to one of those registered, to a team or just donate to the event. You can participate in the NASTAR type GS race or just come out to see all of the familiar faces whose lives were touched by this legend of Mt Holly. We will need lots of help the day of the event which will allow everyone to participate. If you’re willing to donate an hour or two on the day of the event please contact Al Gillespie @ 810-691-7106 or Schussmeister@comcast.net

New Schussmeisters Ski Instructor Bob McCullough

Bob has been a member for several years taking lessons with us from the beginning. Bob’s apprenticeship ended with his instructors test this past month. Join me in welcoming Bob to the Schussmeisters ski school. 

The ski school is always looking for more instructors. The apprentice program begins each year offering training classes on Tuesday evenings. Contact Floyd Jones if you would like more information.

Park City Trip

20 of our members went to Park City in January and hit the jackpot. From all the pictures and reports I’ve heard the trip was a blast with lots of snow and sun. Can’t wait to hear all the stories.

The club is almost 60 years old, with a lot of members being baby boomers. This demographic will have increasing numbers of family members passing away. In an effort to keep members informed, while not filling everyone’s email box, all future obituaries will come in via a Schussmeisters’ Obituary Email list, which you will have to opt-in to. You can click the link above to opt-in, or go to our website, and select Obituaries, under the About The Clubmenu. Our regular email list will no longer contain obituaries.

See you on the slopes.