November News

November is here, and yes we could be skiing before Thanksgiving! For all of you procrastinators, like me, it’s time to get those skis dusted off, find the long johns and dig out the ski duds. Once again Mt Holly will be in the race with other local areas to be the first to open. My money is on Mt Holly to have the best snow and most runs open. For several Schussmeisters, tradition has been to be there for the opener waiting at the lift, it’s always fun, join us if you can.

Did you know when skiing deep powder getting up from a fall is easier if you cross your ski poles holding the center of the cross with one hand to push yourself up? It’s amazing, I never would have gotten up from this one without that little tidbit from a passing ski patroller.

Oktoberfest 2019 was a huge success with 150 in attendance. The meal was amazing, the band rocked the house, the beer variety pleased the taste buds and the hayride up the mountain was an adventure. I met a lot of new folks who joined us to find out what the Schussmeisters were all about. I’m happy to say they found out that our club puts on a great party. Thanks to John Jones for heading the committee with Tim Todd and Abby Merrill and to the board for all of their hard work. Thanks to Mt Holly’s Mark Tibbitts, a great friend of the Schussmeisters. Thanks to Gordon McKay for providing the hay wagon for our event. Thanks to Carlos for hauling our guests up and down the resort keeping them safe and sound. And thanks to Sue and Stephanie for taking care of us in Holly’s Lift Lounge. Finally to all of the Schussmeisters who love and enjoy this great club of ours, it was great seeing you all there.

Warren Miller’s 70th a Schussmeisters annual tradition.Saturday November 23rd. This year is set to be a great event with wonderful door prizes. The list of exhibitors has grown, and the choice of two shows with student tickets should be good for moms, dads and grandparents. This is not a fundraiser but we do need our members to participate to make it a success. This year we’re at the Kiva Theater at the University of Michigan-Flint campus. Lots of easy access parking for both shows. The first show starts at 2:00 with the second at 5:00. The theater is awesome, holding 180 per show, so get your tickets early to make sure you’re with all of your friends. Best way to get your tickets is online, or give me a call and I’ll have your tickets waiting for you at the door.

Mt. Holly’s Ski Patrol Ski Swap is also on November 23rd this year. If you want to get in on the best deals with lots of choices, be there when the doors open at 8:00 a.m. Lots of kids gear to choose from along with great deals on last year’s demos and race coaches’ returns. Not to mention all of the new gear at great prices. I’ll be working the Schussmeisters table so stop by and say hi.

Western Resorts are opening early.
Resorts are already open in Colorado and an early season seems to be the prediction for all of the Northwestern resorts. If you’ve been on the fence about our Park City trip you should make the jump and get in on it. I’m betting the skiing is going to be great for this trip. There are about 6 spots left so don’t wait too long. Contact Lisa Carney to reserve your seat. (810) 397-1335
New Members Party Dec. 7th.
I’ll be surprised if Mt Holly’s not open for this event so plan accordingly. This is our first of three free parties. This one is designed to welcome our new members. Renewing members bring finger foods as a dish to pass and the club provides the beer, wine and soda. This is always a well-attended party so save the date. This is a member event, if you want to bring a guest there will be a cover charge. Of course people can join the night of the event, we welcome all members new and renewals.
Ski Schools Expanded Lesson Program
Your ski school is making every effort to accommodate all members with free ski lessons. It was interesting to find out that the number one answer for the family feud contest on favorite ski instructor was, never taken a lesson. Skiing of course is fun no matter what level of skier you are. Everyone has their favorite slopes and conditions to ski. But when you pay to go on a trip and the conditions are not your favorite what will you do, toss your lift ticket in the trash or go tough it out? I know lots of skiers that wait for the groomers to pack the powder down or skip a day because it’s “icy”. Expand your window of ski conditions, let one of our instructors help you improve your technique allowing you to ski more conditions and terrain. Sign up for lessons today.