December News

The 2019/2020 season is one for the record books already. November 9 was Mt Holly’s earliest opener ever. Several Schussmeisters hit the slopes and were lined up for the first chair of the season that day with Tim, Katie and Bella Todd standing first in line.  Tim was the first on the lift, first to head down the slope, first to fall and first to ride a sled to the ski patrol shack. Tim reminds us of a very important step in our skiing, make sure your boots are seated correctly in your bindings. Some people use their pole to bang the sole of the boot to knock off snow, I scrape my sole on the toe of my binding. Regardless of your cleaning method remember to listen, listen for that distinctive click as your binding snaps closed. No click heard, take it off and try again. Your binding is only safe when you’re in it correctly!

Alice Paulius
Several years ago a ski club called the Snow Drifters decided to disband and we were lucky enough to have several of their members join our club. Alice and her squad journeyed from the Saginaw area when the weather permitted to join us at our Thursday night meetings. They quickly made friends, signed up for our trips, and became valued members of the ski club. Alice suffered a stroke a few years back ending her ability to ski and soon moved to Chicago to be close to her son, John. This past month she passed away. Alice was a straight forward, kind, sweet lady who I’ve missed these past years. Her son John the leader of our Chicago Schussmeisters sent this text to me that I now share with you. “Mom had a Schussmeisters flag with the pins from her trips resting in her casket alongside her pillow. We wish to extend our thanks to the Schussmeisters family for the good times, friendship and love they have shared with her.”Farewell Alice, see you on the other side.

Warren Miller 2019
The movie was one of the best I’ve seen in the past 10 years. If you didn’t catch our show you can still watch it in Royal Oak. Online tickets are $38, compare that to our $15 ticket. 

I want to thank everyone for coming out to support our show. I especially want to thank the board members who worked our shows providing our members a great experience. Andie McAvoy and Sue Crip worked the will call desk. Bob McCullough headed up the gate team, collecting ticket stubs and serving as the janitor. John Jones filled in wherever he was needed. Lindsay Schriner, Pam Bradshaw and Lisa Carny worked the activities & trip table. Abby Merrill, our Schuss News editor, arrived just in time to fill in at the gate. Tim Todd, a man of many talents, was my go to guy for this entire show. Tim saved the club money by being our AV guy, picked up sandwich boards and arrived at 12:00 to set them up. I also want to thank the Ski School for providing help that we desperately needed. Ken LaBelle, First V.P., purchased a ticket even though he was traveling to Egypt to support his club. These folks understand service and they have a love for our club and I thank them. These are people you enjoy serving with, they have no desire to receive anything for their service, not even recognition. Seeing a plan come together and hearing how much fun people had is their reward. Maybe you’re one of those people who like being on a team like ours, maybe you enjoy this club enough to serve selflessly. We’re always looking for new faces on the board with fresh ideas and a self-starting work ethic. Let me know if you’re interested in a position on our board next year. Thanks again to the Warren Miller team!

New Members Party

Saturday December 7th. Members bring a dish to pass as we welcome our new friends to the club. New members need to bring nothing but anticipation of meeting new friends. The club provides the beer, wine and soda along with a table full of food….. and CAKE. Don’t forget the cake.

6-4-1 at Boyne Mt.
Still spots left at the condo for the lowest cost lift ticket of the season, contact Lindsay Schriner.

Nubs Nob – January 4
At this time it looks like just one bus. The cut off is Dec. 7th at the New Members Party. If you’re on the fence you better jump off or it will be a U-drive for you. This is the best day of the year to ski Nubs, no lift lines!

Henry Walder Memorial Event February 29th 
We will be remembering Henry Walder, our founder, with a fundraiser for Special Olympics. Winter athletes is the focus. We will be putting out a press release this month and kicking it into high gear. We’ll need lots of help to make this a success, it should be something you can be proud to have worked on. Contact Al Gillespie to  join the team. 810-691-7106