Try Before You Buy is a unique program offered by the Schussmeisters’.  

​The Schussmeisters’ Ski Club offers a prospective skier a  2 hour lesson, equipment rental, a beginners area lift ticket and an overview of our club at Mt. Holly.  All for a low discounted rate.   

​Why not – Try Before You Buy….


​​The student must have never skied before.

  1. The student does not need to be a member of the Schussmeisters’ OR join the club to participate (However, we are pretty sure once you try it you will love it and join the club.)
  2. Free equipment rental (one time only)
  3. Beginners area lift ticket
  4. Approximately two hour lesson with a PSIA trained instructor
  5. Adults, 18 or over only please.

Implementation:  After sign up you will be given a date, and time to meet the ski instructor near the lift ticket purchase window of Mt.Holly Ski Resort at approx. 6:00 PM.

​We can then assist with ski rental and be up to the 3rd floor before 7 pm. There is a short club meeting after which the  student will enjoy their first lesson. Expect contact from the instructor after a few days for follow up. If you join the Schussmeisters’ Ski Club as an added benefit your instructor will be available to meet at the local ski shop to help pick out equipment.