$13,800.00 COLLECTED

The SCHUSSMEISTERS OF MICHIGAN thank everyone who made this 2022 event a huge success. As you will see it was a great number of participants, workers, sponsors, and donors coming together to make this event so successful. All proceeds went to Area 13’s Special Olympics, no compensations were given to those who spent months in preparation or their entire day working this event. The smiles on the faces of the Special Olympic athletes who participated and benefit to others not present was our reward, priceless.

First we want to thank all of the behind the scenes workers who donated not only their time but money to support this event. It is these dedicated people that made this event run so smoothly.

Mt Holly’s Ski School

  • Kurt Payne, timing & announcing the race
  • Ken Brackney, starter
  • John Lambert, Chief of course, gate setting and course maint.
  • Phil Nimo, course setting and course maint.
  • Dave Tuuri, photography (see race photos at skimich.com or Walder Cup 2022 — March 6th — Mt Holly (davetuuri.com))
  • Others from the Mt Holly ski school who provided course maint.

Mt Holly

  • Mark Tibbitts, Mt Holly’s General Mgr. As always Mark provides oversight administration making sure the resort is prepared to meet the needs and satisfaction of its patrons. Without Mark’s leadership, advice and dedication this event wouldn’t have taken place. A very special thanks to Mark and his team.

Area 13 Special Olympics

  • Pat Peters, signage, raffle ticket sales and coordinating with the Schussmeisters team.
  • Jan Jones, organizing the Special Olympics athletes for the event.

D.J. Riki Gheller

  • Riki Gheller and her assistant supplied the rock & roll for our enjoyment all day long.

Grand Blanc High School Race team members

  • Set up and course maint.
    • Alison Merrill
    • Max Merrill
    • Jacqueline Towarnicky
  • Course slipping
    • Bella Todd
    • Emilie Wiggins
    • Emma Glazier

Schussmeisters of Michigan’s Team

  • Jill Gillespie, committee chair leading the team and social media
  • Al Gillespie, committee member, race coordination
  • Matt Story, committee member, graphics
  • John Jones, club president, committee member, registration,
  • Bob McCullough, committee member, registration, course maint.
  • Mark Foyteck, committee member, website
  • Tim Todd, registration
  • Stacy Merrill, course setting, course maint.
  • Floyd Jones, course maint.
  • Linda Gillespie, raffle set up and misc. help
  • Katie Todd, raffle ticket sales
  • Julie Phillips, raffle and misc. help

We want to thank the sponsors for this event.

Platinum Sponsor $1,000.00 +

  • Shumakers Ski Shop, over $2,500.00 in prizes
    • Special thanks to Tony Shumaker for running the timing for the race.
  • Microsoft, $2,500.00 donation
  • Nub’s Nob. $1,176.00 in lift tickets for achievement rewards ($600.00+ donations)
  • Schuss Shanty Creek, $1020.00 in lift tickets for achievement rewards ($600.00+ donations)
  • Mt Holly, lift tickets for achievement rewards (300.00+ donations), discounted race day lift tickets and facility use. How do you put a number on Mt Holly’s contribution?

Gold Sponsors $600.00+

  • Nichols Ski Shop, over $600.00 in prizes
  • Dee Cramer, $600.00 donation
  • Atlas Tech., $600.00 donation
  • Domico Med-Device $600.00

Silver Sponsors $200.00+

  • Office Depot, all printed materials
  • Skaff’s Carpet, Area rug

We want to thank everyone who collected donations with special thanks for those exceeding the threshold to receive lift ticket prizes from Nub’s Nob, Schuss Shanty Creek and Mt Holly.

  • Vella Gillespie    $1,146.00 winner of most individual donations collected.
  • Al Gillespie         $1,000.00
  • Bobby Jacobs    $   923.00
  • Matt Story          $   800.00
  • Tom Hanson      $   784.00
  • Jill Gillespie        $   600,00
  • Maleia Dickson $   441.00

We thanks Team Schussmeisters for most donations collected by an organization $8,590.00

Thank you to everyone who donated to the racers, organizations or Special Olympics directly for this event, you have made a difference.

We also want to thank all of the racers who came out to race and donated their registration fees to the Special Olympics foundation.

Now last but most certainly not least we thank the Special Olympics Athletes who participated in the race making this day worth all of the effort.

Special Olympics Athletes racing

  • Adam Marogi
  • Jay Woolf
  • Salina Smith
  • Clayton Cook
  • Danial Arnold

If we have somehow missed you in this recognition of thanks we apologies but know you too have made a difference in the lives of these athletes. Thank you all.